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ARK Interior renovate all type of office, home, commercial building, Residential Building, hospital, retail showroom, institute, school, farmhouse, apartment, Hotel, flat, shop, Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, civil work, Building renovation Remodeling, Building construction etc. we provide all type of renovation work services Once the table has been cleaned and waxed, maintain it by dusting it with a dry cloth once a week. Do not use furniture polish or spray cleaners. A new coat of wax should be applied about once a year, or whenever buffing can no longer bring a shine to the finish. We believe in maintaining a friendly, open, honest and healthy working environment based upon sound business ethics, hard work and out-of-the-box thinking. We are confident that we can effectively and efficiently handle your requirements and our commitment to our client’s satisfaction is the driving force behind every service we provide them However, it is easy to get carried away with the excitement of doing up a home and overcapitalise by spending money that can never be recouped if you do end up having to sell.

Home Renovation contractors

To prevent the collapse of masonry walls during earthquake, it is advisable to use reinforced brick masonry walls in new construction. Existing masonry walls can also be strengthened by providing reinforced concrete jackets on one or both sides of the walls This process is known as the gauging. It makes lime mortar economical, strong and dense. The usual proportion of cement to lime by volume is about It is also known as the composite mortar or lime-cement mortar and it can also be formed by the combination of cement and clay. This mortar may be used for bedding and for thick brick walls  At the national level, the Environmental Protection Agency has set guidelines about what constitutes lead-free plumbing fittings and pipes, in order to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act. Turnkey interior contractors Civil project solution contractor work designers decorators company companies Building Residential commercial construction School College Farm house Home Offices Renovation remodeling Repair maintenance Hotel restaurant Hospital showroom Brickwork Plastering work industrial civil Meson work petty interlocking Bricks wall contractor meson plastering labour rate companies builder builders tiles marble stone fixing fitting cladding in Gurgaon Faridabad Manesar Kundli Sonipat Haryana. Choose a neutral colour palette. Dark and bold colours will make a room seem smaller than it actually is. Neutral hues give it a light, airy feel. Do not put too much visual weight to a room.

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